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Introduction to Ondefy

An Abstracted DeFi Meta Aggregator
Ondefy is building the ultimate entry point into DeFi for the new wave of users.
Today's DeFi landscape demands technical knowledge and mind-boggling maneuvers from its users. In a world where everyone wants to do everything on their phone, DeFi users are forced into complex patterns with a user experience that binds them to their desktops.
We are not here to hype up DeFi itself – we are here to unleash its potential. Picture this: snagging $PEPE, executing savvy leveraged trades, and harnessing stablecoins to shield against economic storms. We are making sure anyone can board this on-chain asset journey.
Our mission is to reshape DeFi interaction. We are crafting an experience that lets users simply enjoy DeFi, no more mulling over seed phrases, rollups, or cryptographic locks. All it takes is a credit card, an email address – and voila! You're primed to access the opportunities of the decentralized economy.

Our Solutions

  • Ondefy Superapp is an all-in-one DeFi Platform where users can explore the market across 10 EVM chains, connect or create a wallet, execute trades at the best rates, and track their portfolios.
  • Ondefy Widget enables users to seamlessly buy any on-chain token instantly with a credit card at the best rates and lowest fees.
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