Ondefy docs

Login troubleshooting

What to do if you cannot connect to your Ondefy account?
Sometimes the emails are sent to the spam folder, go take a look and if it's there mark it as "non spam".
Another known issue is using edu email addresses (email addresses from college or unisersity), always try to use gmail or major email providers for ease of use.

I clicked on the email but nothing happens

Please always leave a couple of seconds for the website to detect that you logged in. After that, if nothing happens, please try with another browser. If still nothing happens try to clear the cookies of your browser and try again.

Other issues

Please contact the team via discord and open a ticket, we should be right with you.

Emergency withdraw

If you are in a rush and need to move your funds ASAP and can't log in because of an issue or the application is down, you can always export your private key using this link https://reveal.magic.link/ondefy. You can then import your private key into metamask or your wallet of choice and transfer your funds there. Please be careful while doing this operation to not leak your private key to a third party.