Ondefy docs

Add using an iframe

Embedding the Ondefy Widget into your page using an iframe is the easiest way to get started. All you need to do is to copy the code below, and paste it within the HTML of your page. This makes it easy to integrate with tools like Wix, Webflow, Weebly, Wordpress or just about any other website.
style="border-radius: 18px;"
Once you add the code above to your page, your users will be able to buy any token they want.

Configuring your widget

If you'd like to limit the tokens that your users can buy, or change any other default parameters, you can do so using the widget configuration page:

Select your token

The configurator is split up into three sections, which enable you to customize your widget just the way you want it. In the first section, you're able to pick the token that you would like to sell through your widget. Once you pick this token, your widget will be locked to it, and your users won't be able to change it to another token for example. This is great for promoting your token for example.

Choose your parameters

In the second section, you're able to choose parameters like setting your default network, color, height and border radius. This way you can match all the buttons in the widget to match your color scheme for example.

Copy your widget code

Once you've personalised your widget just like you want it, you're ready to copy over the iframe code from the page, and paste it into your HTML. Feel free to paste it anywhere in your page that you'd like - the widget will show up as long as it's between your two <body> tags.
That's it! If you want more customization, or want to integrate the widget more deeply into your app, you should check out Ondefy's npm package.