Ondefy docs

Getting Started

How to add the Ondefy Widget to your app

🥇 Easiest way to sell tokens to your users

💳 Users can buy with their credit card

💻 Takes only 5 minutes to integrate

It only takes a few minutes to add the Ondefy Widget to your app. Once integrated, your users will be able to buy your token using just a credit card. Thanks to Ondefy's first-class experience, your users will buy tokens with no tech knowledge - like "Buy with Apple Pay" but for tokens.
Ondefy has built two ways for you to add the widget to your app. One of them makes it incredibly easy to get started, with no technical knowledge required. The second one is more progressive and encourages you to try using our web components.
web components
Using the iframe is really easy - just copy and paste the code into your Wordpress, Wix, Webly, Framer, Webflow, or any other website editor that you use. The iframe is great if you want to get up and running really quickly, however has some limitations in terms of the supported interactions.
The easiest way to start using our widget as a web component is using CDN solution.
Also you can install our npm package if you prefer this approach.
It enables you to integrate the widget more tightly into your app - for example, you can launch the widget only when a user taps on a button, or when you trigger an event.
Web components solution is best if you're using a framework like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte and so on.
Have questions? Feel free to ask us on our Discord!