Ondefy docs

How to bridge

Add zkSync on Metamask

Steps : Login to your wallet > Click on Networks > Add Network > Manually add a network
Network name: zkSync Era Mainnet
New RPC URL: https://mainnet.era.zksync.io
Chain ID: 324
Currency symbol: ETH
Block explorer URL: https://explorer.zksync.io
Or go to this link, and connect your wallet on zkSync : https://chainlist.org/?search=zk​

How to bridge your ETH to Zksync

You have to go to this page and connect your wallet : https://bridge.zksync.io/​
ETH is automatically preset for your transaction. You can check your ETH balance in your wallet, and select the amount to transfer to zkSync.
Click on "Deposit" and validate your transaction with your wallet.
Wait a few minutes before receiving your ETH on Zksync. Congratulations, you have just used the zkSync bridge to transfer your ETH.

Use zkSync on Ondefy

For desktop

Connect your wallet on this page : https://app.ondefy.com/​
Go to swap tab.
Then in "All Networks", select zkSync. You can then select the token you want to swap on zkSync.

For mobile

Connect your wallet by clicking on the side menu on this page : https://app.ondefy.com/​
You can then click on "WalletConnect".
If the public address of your wallet appears instead of "Connect Wallet", it means that you are connected to the application. You can now click on "Swap".
Now click on "Select token" and choose the right network by clicking on zkSync.
Choose the token you want to swap on zkSync.