Ondefy Superapp

All-in-one DeFi platform

Our Superapp opens the gateway to the realm of cryptocurrencies and DeFi, all while mirroring the familiar experience of Web2 that users are accustomed to.


Ondefy supports 10 EVM blockchains, for a total of more than 11K tradable tokens. We make it a point for everyone to access small caps that have not yet been valued by the market.

The Ondefy marketplace gathers important crypto market data and enables users to easily search and find trending tokens of the moment. They can also acknowledge how busy each network is running by looking at its instant gas price. All tokens can be filtered by networks and categories.

View your Assets

Visualize the assets in your portfolio on all our supported chains.

Visualize tokens data

Explore the price history, market statistics, and other relevant data for your favorite tokens.

Meta Dex Aggregator

Swap your tokens at the best rate on the market with our Meta Dex Aggregator. Select either the pre-chosen protocol or pick your preferred option from the already integrated ones. Plus, there are more protocols on the way!

Bonus Points

Your swap volume earns you points. What's more, holding a Genesis NFT or having previously performed certain actions on the platform gives you a bonus multiplier. Bonus points may give rise to rewards in the future 👀.

Earn interests

Visualise your eligible crypto and deposit them to earn passive income. Our roadmap includes future integrations of additional yield protocols, along with ready-made yield strategies.

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