Smart Ramp

Buy any on-chain token seamlessly

The Smart Ramp feature enables you to buy thousands of tokens by credit card, bank transfer and more. This feature relies on on-ramp services from Transak as well as swap routes from multiple DEX aggregators.

USDC as an intermediary token

While Transak only offers a limited set of supported tokens that can be purchased via their service, our Smart Ramp relies on ERC-2612 permit extension for EIP-20 Signed Approvals, in order to enables the fast and easy purchase of almost any token.

The smart ramp feature is currently deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon. We are USDC is used as the intermediary token on these 3 networks.

For any token not supported by Transak, the user is invited to buy some equivalent amount of USDC first, and to sign a permit allowing us to spend these USDCs on the user's behalf. Later, when the USDCs arrive on the user's wallet, they are swapped by ourselves for the destination token, through our Router and Adapters contracts.

How it works

Gas Refuel

Since gas is necessary for executing on-chain transactions, we provide the option to directly convert a portion of your acquired tokens into gas tokens (ETH for Ethereum and Arbitrum, MATIC for Polygon). This can be particularly useful when initiating transactions from a newly created wallet, for instance.

Swap Router and Adapters

For additional details about our Router and smart contracts, please refer to this page.

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